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Fit Bit

Fight the urge, be prepared

Written by: Ariana M. Taylor - Vidette features editor, blogger, & ISU student


If you’re on campus all day and have little time to go home and make food, it is more tempting to buy outside food. Typically when people buy fast food they are not going for the healthier options … we want something fast and satisfying. Therefore, in order to fight the urge to purchasing unhealthy, greasy fast food, people should prepare their meals the night before. Now I know it sounds time consuming but it’s really not.

Every Sunday, I take it upon myself to grocery shop for the entire week. I buy fruits and vegetables that can be easily stored into several ready-to-go zip lock bags. To add, I place whatever frozen meat I plan on cooking the next day in the fridge allowing it to thaw out or I simply cook it at night in order for it to be ready to be warmed the next day. Ultimately preparing food days in advance will save you a lot of money. There have been plenty of times when I’ve been on campus and thought “hmmmm … I could really go for a McAllister’s Club right now” but instead I remembered that I packed a sandwich in my bag that morning. To add, many restaurants add ingredients that aren’t the healthiest for you. Preparing your own meals allows you to control portion sizes and enables you to ensure that all ingredients are fresh and nutritious. Save money and avoid eating too many calories by cooking at home and packing away food for the day before you leave the house.

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